Welcome to the BarBar, a small corner of delicate beauty.

Immersed in the sweet and relaxed atmosphere of Lake Iseo, we are here to give you an escape from the world by the lake. Let yourself be lulled by the romantic atmosphere and Jazz music, taste unique aperitifs and dishes capable of creating indelible memories.

The BarBar is a small corner of peace and beauty. We are here to give you unforgettable moments by the lake and pamper you through an experience of complete relaxation.

With a wide selection of local wines and aperitifs with a unique delicacy, the restaurant ranks among the most popular locations in Sebino. Fresh fruit cocktails and fragrant glasses are accompanied by unusual and high-quality snacks. Start the evening in the best way by enjoying a one-of-a-kind aperitif.

Our wonderful location frames the painting: a delightful glimpse of Lake Iseo a stone’s throw from the water. Bordered by a large park full of olive trees. The Jazz music in the background blends with the sound of water.

To conclude your relaxation experience in the best possible way and grant yourself a true romantic escape from the world, the BarBar offers the opportunity to taste a very selected range of dishes. At the end of the aperitif, with the sunset reflected in the water, you will discover that it will be impossible not to want to be pampered by us for a little longer…