Cafè Novecento

“Beautiful energy, beautiful dimension, attention and kindness, care in everything, from food to furniture, a bubble where you can retreat and feel good …”.

It is called Cafè Novecento, but its style spans Centuries, fashions and trends.
Period pieces that interact with contemporary elements, plays of light, cast of shapes … The leitmotiv is the desire to amaze through the suggestion of comfortable spaces wrapped in a timeless atmosphere.
The young couple who manages the entire business and has followed the renovation and interior design step by step welcomes you.

The place, with a vocation as a café, ice cream parlor and brewery, is located in the center of Marone, on Lake Iseo, in a place that already has many beauties. Cafè Novecento wanted to give more by letting the customer immerse in a magical environment.

The original structure housed an old village shop, transformed over the years into a bar.
The owner took over the business, keeping its name, and then completely transformed the interiors by focusing on an enhancement of the spaces that took into account both the architectural context and the landscape setting. The idea took shape step by step and during construction, the project made its way through openings that gave life to particular views, highlighting, for example, the ancient stone masonry of Sarnico then skillfully left in sight. It was thus decided not to cover the original elements, making them an authentic distinctive feature of the place. To these were added subsequent interventions, such as the insertion of LEDs to illuminate the building stones.

In addition to an aperitif, an ice cream or a beer, you can also stop for a quick lunch, being able to choose from various accurate and delicious menus.