Stallone (Stalù) Farm

The Stallone Farm is nestled on the hills of Marone on Lake Iseo, “City of Oil” par excellence.
Our olive groves are located at an altitude between 350 and 480 meters above sea level; this allows us to let our olives grow without the use of pesticides because their main enemy, the oil fly, does not go to these altitudes. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) is produced according to classic standards respecting tradition, while paying particular attention to innovative techniques aimed at improving the health of the olive trees that allow us to obtain the best final product.

The olive trees are grown with a polyconic vase system and planted with a 6 × 6 and 5 × 5 plant spacing.

The harvest is done manually, starting from the first week of October: this drastically reduces the oil yield but allows us to obtain organoleptic characteristics of great quality.
The harvested olives are defoliated and transported to the mill within 24 hours after harvesting.
The particularly mild climate of the lake and the composition of the soil allow us to obtain an oil with very low acidity (0.12%), medium / light fruity, light bitter and medium / light spicy. Our olive groves currently have about 300 plants divided into 10 different cultivars. This blend gives our EVO its particular taste making it perfect for any dish, delicious as cold dressing and excellent on meat and fish.

The olive tree is an evergreen plant, this makes it capable of consuming a huge amount of CO2 every year. All the water we use for irrigation comes from underground tanks that recover rainwater. All the electricity necessary for the production of our EVO comes from our photovoltaic system. Environment above everything else, always.