Antica Strada Valeriana

Since ancient times, the Antica Strada Valeriana had always represented the only way to reach the Valcamonica by foot from the area of Brescia. A dominance that lasted until the mid-nineteenth century when it was decided to build the coastal stretch from Marone to Pisogne, on the slopes of Corna Trentapassi (now used as a cycle-pedestrian track) because the trades between the different communities has increased. Today, thanks to a careful work of recovery by the Comunità Montana del Sebino Bresciano. it is possible to walk along the stretch between Pilzone d’Iseo and Pisogne, on the same routes of goods, people and shepherds who drove the herds during transhumance.

The Antica Strada Valeriana offers its spectacular landscapes to all those who love to spend time in an uncontaminated and very heterogeneous nature; a journey from with a double soul, a journey of contrasts and emotions. It is suspended between the water of the lake and the arid peaks of the calcareous Prealps.

You will walk among the Mediterranean vegetation with olive trees, vines, prickly pears and among centuries-old chestnut trees, firs and hollies on the slopes of Gölem (Monte Guglielmo).
You will cross ancient villages but also new settlements, between the busy Riviera and the mountain pastures

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