Farmacia Dentella

The Dentella Pharmacy operates in Marone (Lake Iseo) and offers a professional service that is always attentive to customer needs.
They work alongside the owner, Dr. Eugenio Dentella, Dr. Sara Dentella and Dr. Francesca Fenaroli.

Monday-Friday 8:30 15:00 12:30 19:00
Saturday 8:30 12:30

Blood pressure measurement
Aerosol rental
Magnetotherapy rental
Baby scale rental
Breast pump rental
Crutches rental
Walker rental
Thermal inhaler rental
Tracheal aspirator rental

Galenic laboratory.
In our galenic laboratory, personalized curative preparations are created to meet the needs of each of our patients.
There are several types of preparations that are made in our laboratory:
• masterful preparations on medical prescription
• multiple preparations of drugs included in the European Pharmacopoeia
• dispensing of single weight herbs
• preparation of herbal teas with pharmacy formulation or on request
• dispensing of mother tinctures and fluid extracts in the required quantity
• mixing of mother tinctures and fluid extracts with formulas from the pharmacy or on request
• preparation of capsules with powdered healing herbs or dry extracts