Camplani Farm

Our business is located in a wonderful hilly area at the foot of the hermitage of San Pietro – along the Antica Strada Valeriana Route – in the municipality of Marone, in a locality called Pregasso, in the province of Brescia, and enjoys a beautiful view on Lake Iseo.

For years we have focused on the promotion and sale of typical local products from Brescia and Lombardy such as extra virgin olive oil, cow’s milk, sheep’s and goat’s milk cheeses, red, white and sparkling wines, cold cuts and sausages of various kinds such as salami, cotechino, pancetta, soppressa, sausage, slinsega, bresaola and other special sausages or cured meats depending on the season. We offer various grappa and spirits, several kinds of jams, wildflower, acacia, chestnut and rhododendron honey.

Upon request we provide customers with farm-to-table fruit and vegetables and small fruits thanks to the contacts we have in the area. We do the same thing also for porcini mushrooms.
At our store you will find availability, kindness and the opportunity to taste most of our products.

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