“Vello Toline” Cycle-Pedestrian Trail

The recently redeveloped cycle-pedestrian path (2014) is a fantastic 5 km itinerary, where you can enjoy an incomparable view on the lake.
The route is flat and begins in Vello di Marone, just a kilometer after the first tunnels, at a lower level than the state road, where there is a special sign that indicates the path.

From the cemetery, walking or by bicycle, continue through the village of Vello.

After the first tunnel of the track we continue, always along the lake, passing through the engraved groove of the Valle Finale, to end at the small promontory of Punta delle Croci Bresciane. The return coincides with the outward journey.

The Vello-Toline is an easy and evocative route suitable for everyone, even for children.

It attracts several visitors during the weekends.

The road is closed to traffic and completely paved, flat and comfortable as it is about 3 meters wide.

It goes along the lakeside for about 5 km, with a wonderful landscape characterized by the water below on one side and the rocky walls on the other one.